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October Article_ Tips On Choosing A Lasting And Durable Deck

Tips On Choosing A Lasting And Durable Deck

There is no dearth of materials and options for homeowners when it comes to decking material. However, the same can be confusing and overwhelming as well. Choosing a durable deck material based only on aspects including price, design, and/or aesthetics may not be sufficient. Decks may receive a lot of footfall and use. Therefore, a deck should have durability, reliability, and other performance-related qualities to possess a long life. The cheaper deck materials may require a replacement much earlier when compared to the superior quality materials for decks. It may also cause lots of hassles and inconveniences you would not like to face.

Choosing a Long-Lasting and Durable Material for Your Deck

There is a no-one-size-fit-for-all solution when it comes to choosing a deck material. The choice of the material may depend on factors and aspects, including climate, weather conditions, frequency of use, and others. Traditionally wood has been a preferred choice as a deck material. While wood may offer pleasing aesthetics, it also has its disadvantages. For instance, wooden decks require more labour-intensive maintenance and costly repairs from time to time to remain beautiful and secure. As a natural material, wood is susceptible to damage caused by insects, pests, and adverse conditions, including weathering and rot.

You may get much better choices when you are open to exploring the non-traditional and newer options for your decking material. Fortunately, you can choose better materials for deck boards, deck framing, and deck railing that possess qualities. For instance, Aluminum, Steel, and composite materials (like PVC) may resist twisting, warping, corrosion, insect damage, rot, and aging much better when compared to wood. However, when you are looking for complete peace of mind of deck ownership and want to maintain your deck with minor hassles, you should choose the newer options with better qualities.

Deck Material for Years and Decades of Hassle-Free Use

The foundation of the frame of a deck is its most important structural component contributing to its longevity. The traditional wooden deck frames and the joists require regular inspection and timely repair and maintenance to function securely. Also, even after prolonged care and maintenance, they may require replacement after a specific time.

Things are different and more advantageous when you choose newer materials like steel and composites as your durable deck materials. Steel can resist damage, including splitting and warping, and the deterioration caused due to fire, pests, and insects. You can use an advanced chemical powder to ensure that your steel deck resists corrosion. You can easily get a “25 Year” warranty on your steel deck from the manufacturer.

Preventing Despair

Traditional wooden decks are susceptible to damage caused by weather conditions, moisture, pests, and insects. Regular upkeep and maintenance can only slightly increase your wooden boards’ life. However, the upkeep may require fungicides, insecticides, and other chemicals that may harm the nearby ecosystem. Using a mixture of soap and water can clean your composite or steel deck If you choose PVC as your deck material, it is even better for the environment. The PVC deck boards are made from recycled plastic bottles and other items (obtained from landfills). The PVC composites and boards have bamboo fibre (included in their build) to provide additional resistance to weather and enhance the durability and strength of the deck boards. These materials are also lightweight and can be installed easily in little time. If you are looking for a material resistant to slipping, composite options are also available.

“Mix-and-Matching” the Materials for a Long Lasting and Durable Decks

Decking material should be chosen based on the frequency/type of its use and the weather conditions. You can have long-lasting decks if you choose alternative deck materials, including PVC composite, steel, and others, at appropriate times. You can also create a unique outdoor and deck space when you give yourself some time and mix and match the materials.

We at Winnipeg Deck Builders have quality traditional and non-traditional deck material options (including wood, steel, PVC, other composites, and slip-resistant deck materials). Reach out to us for the best choice for your unique conditions and a free inspection and price quote.

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