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When Choosing Steel Railings

The railings on your property, whether on a high-rise balcony or the ground, don’t just have to serve one purpose (keeping people safe.) Your patio can also have style making your home or business look more sophisticated while keeping people safe.

Going with a steel railing option with features like LED lights won’t make your home or business look stylish. Instead, the pre-welded panels will make for an easier installation, cutting time in half. Steel railings are also code-tested and safety-approved.

Which Steel is Best?

Steel railings can offer more than wood railings. For instance, steel is more substantial than wood, steel won’t rot, and insects can’t eat away at it. With steel, there are also fewer post replacements and repairs, which makes for a safer railing.

With this being said, some steel is different. There are different carbon-to-iron rations, styles, and finishings. For example, if you are building your new railing by an ocean, a 316 marine-grade alloy would hold up against salt water more than any other alloy. At the same time, a galvanized (coated with protective zinc) railing can withstand rust and corrosion for years with little to no rust in other areas.

Steel Railings Can Create Modern Looks

While vinyl and wood options have wider posts and pickets, steel railings are narrow. So when the railings are finished with black, it gives your space a more open feel. To give your area a more open sense, you can also use different panels on your steel railings, like glass or cable.

These options are easy to install, make your business/home feel unique, and set you apart from your neighbours.


Another way to make your business/house look modern is with LED lighting. Steel railings can do just that. With accessories like LED lighting and post caps, you can create a romantic atmosphere on your restaurant patio to a cozy feel on your home deck.

You don’t need to worry about the lights getting damaged. The LED lights are integrated into the steel railing to withstand any weather.

Having the Modern Look

Installing steel railings will make your business/home look more modern and unique. From making your space look more open with options like glass or cable. To more romantic and cozier with built-in LED. The pre-welded panels provide safety and are up to code, so there is no need to give up the beautiful look of your deck/patio.

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