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October Article

Why Composite Decking is Better for Your Dock

Have you ever seen a weathered dock and wondered why it looks so? Well, the material used to make the dock could be the reason behind its dilapidated look. It’s worth noting that the high moisture and sunny environment of a lakeside dock make it vulnerable to warping, cracking, and even losing the fine appearance it used to have. If you would like to avoid all these, it’s prudent to opt for composite decking. Here are 4 reasons why composite decking is the best option for your dock.

1. It Gives the Much-Needed Protection against Moisture

Decks boards are constantly exposed to moisture. Therefore, you need an ideal and lasting solution that won’t require you to keep on making repairs, which end up being a costly affair. The perfect solution for the moisture problem is using composite decking boards. The acrylic polymer caps contained in composite decking boards have the capacity to offer the required protection against moisture. With these caps, you’ll not need to worry about water infiltration. Furthermore, the acrylic polymer caps don’t need sealing or staining to protect your dock from moisture.

2. It Offers Protection against UV Damage

A dock is usually exposed to UV rays from morning to evening. The consequence of this exposure is that a lakeside dock gets damaged in the process. Certainly, this is a huge loss. This is mostly the case, if you opt for wood decking for your dock. The UV rays cause warping and discoloration of dock boards. On the other hand, composite decking guarantees high quality dock protection from the effects of UV rays. Indeed, composite decking helps to maintain the vibrant look of a dock for a long time.

3. It Offers High Quality of Safety

One of the important factors to consider when choosing the material for decking boards is safety. You don’t want to use decking boards that will be unsafe when walking on them. It is for this reason that you should consider using composite decking for your dock. Composite decking boards offer even walking surfaces and protects your foot from slipping. The high quality of safety offered by composite decking should give you confidence to opt for it.

4. It Offers Long-Term Cost Effectiveness

Composite decking does not require constant maintenance compared to wood decking. It’s true that wood decking is a cheaper option in terms of upfront costs, but looking at the long-term it’s costly. There is a lot of maintenance to do. However, if you choose to go with composite decking, there’s minimal maintenance that translates to long-term effectiveness.

At Prelude Decks, we believe in offering quality, value, and excellent services to our clients. If you would like to have a deck installed or a custom Pergola designed, you can rely on us for professional services coupled with trustworthiness, integrity, distinction, and artistry. We pay much attention to your dream project while working within your budget. Contact us for custom-made composite decking installed according to your needs and preferences.

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